Every thriving business starts the same way: with a heart-driven human, hell-bent on doing the work they love

Emily Hilder is our Head Human. She’s an ocean-loving, loud-laughing straight shooter, born to a family of Welsh boat builders, artists, and Huckleberry Finn engineers.

Emily’s obsessed with helping purpose-driven people find financial freedom, doing the work they love. Over 25 years she’s supported more than 600 clients to create and grow thriving businesses. 

She is an internationally accredited coach and has held senior strategic roles at some of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

She has worked in London, Sydney and Chicago; been published in Marketing Magazine; lectured at the AWARD Advertising School and has won three ADMA Effectiveness awards.

Emily’s known for her insight and strategic vision, as well as her big laugh and highly developed sense of mischief.

Emily Hilder Adelaide
Emily Hilder Human Brands

Emily's superpowers include:

She’s a qualified Hubspot inbound marketer, a mentor and judge for the award-winning Flinders University VentureDorm Program, and the 2021 winner of the SA Woman People’s Choice Connector Award.

Em believes that with the right strategies in place, running your own business can bring personal growth, freedom, and the opportunity to step into your power and leave a lasting legacy. 

She’s on a mission to help as many business owners as possible to achieve this.

Maddy Seppelt. Marketing manager / queen of impact

Our wonderful Marketing Manager Maddy lives and breathes impact. From laser-focused strategies to flawless campaign management, Maddy has it all covered.

A genuinely heart-driven human, Maddy is driven by meaningful connections and open communication. This, combined with a passion for telling her clients’ greatest stories, allows her to capture the essence of a brand – and the imagination of their customers – in the most magical way.

From a family of small business owners, Maddy knows the importance of spending your time on the things that really matter. Spend an hour with Maddy and you’ll find your to-do list magically getting shorter – and much more effective!

Behind Maddy’s gentle exterior lies an inner core of profound strategic rigour, and the courage to ask clarity-bringing questions. With more than 20 years’ experience in strategic communication roles across higher education, not-for-profit and government, Maddy brings a wealth of experience to every project.

On the weekend you can find Maddy running the Adelaide Hills trails or hunting out delicious, seasonal produce at her local farmers market. She’s an incredible cook and we love it when she trials new recipes on the team!

Maddy Seppelt Human Brands

Introducing our subject matter experts - the best of the bunch

In addition to our core strategy team, we work with an incredible crew of subject matter experts. 

They’re a seriously diverse bunch! Some of them love giraffes, while others love sea lions. A few of them come up with their best ideas while sweating it out at the gym, while others do the same thing over a cheeky beer or two.

But the one thing this band of mischief-loving tea guzzlers all have in common is that they’re the best of the bunch. 

They’re tried and tested specialists in everything from web design, photography, content creation, graphic design, copywriting, social media strategy and more – each geeking out in their zones of genius and loving (SO much!) that they get to support you in yours.

Just like you, we’re marching to our own beat

One of the greatest advantages of being crystal clear on your values (and having zero interest in running with the crowd) is that it becomes easy to know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’. 

Here are a few of our own, unassailable truths: if they ring true for you too, then we reckon you might be our kind of person.

We don’t do cookie-cutter marketing

Authentic brands Adelaide

Whether it’s suggesting you ‘follow our model’ or ‘steal our scripts’, cookie cutter marketing does the exact opposite of a good marketing strategy. 

It takes away all the things that make your business special and leaves you swimming in a sea of identical-looking fish. 

Not for us, thanks. We’d much rather tap into the glorious tapestry of what makes you ‘you’ and build a unique and authentic brand from there.

We don’t do tactics without strategy

If you leap into the void of landing pages, Facebook lives, and paid ads without a clear strategy, the truth is you’re never going to land where you want to. 

For your marketing to work, you first have to be crystal clear about what you do, who your people are, and what exactly is the magic of your work. 

We always nut out a solid values-aligned strategy before we start tinkering with your tactics.

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We don’t gamble with your marketing

Marketing consultant Adelaide

When it comes to marketing, Kenny Rogers (bless his sparkly blue eyes and perfectly bushy beard) was right – you gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em. 

Want to know which parts of your marketing to fold and which to hold? Combine a clear strategy with accurate reporting and analytics. 

Marketing is maths, not magic. All it takes is a bit of logic and you’ll never have to gamble again.

We’re just here to help good people do great work

We’re here to help purpose-driven businesses like yours thrive, by focusing on what actually works: solid strategies, great ideas and smart marketing.

Picking up what we’re putting down and want to chat about it? We’re a friendly bunch. Why not get in touch?

Walking our talk, every day

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We practice what we preach when it comes to being a purpose-driven business.

Not only do we support good humans to do good work, we also support communities and not-for-profits through pro-bono consulting. 

We’re proud as punch to mentor upcoming start-ups through the Flinders University Venture Dorm Program, and we’re delighted to support the amazing folk at The Food Embassy as they help build connection, friendships, and food democracy in vulnerable communities.

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