In our first Ask-Em-Anything open door session, we covered a range of brand and marketing questions from a diverse group of industries.

03:31 – How to build your client pipeline? Becoming a thought leader, Rebecca, has a full client caseload, and wanted to know how to build a thought-leader brand and build her client pipeline.

12:30 – What messages to use, when? Peter, had a question around what message to use and when, and how to avoid overwhelming clients with too – much, – too -fast.

23:15 – How to build a value proposition for tech? Sivam has a technology product with a diverse audience. He wanted to know how to explain the tech’s value proposition in a way that makes sense to everyone.

34:06 – How to launch on a shoestring? Kathryn had a great question about how to launch and promote a new business on a shoestring.

55:16 – How to increase reach? And lastly, Bridget wanted to know how to increase her reach without over-relying on social media. Our open door sessions happen on the first Wednesday of every month and are free for anybody to join.

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