The Ask-Em-Anything open door session in August was a beauty! We covered ALL-THE-THINGS! From Elon Musk’s rebrand of Twitter, to positioning yourself on social media, and looking at innovative models to scale your business.

04:17 – We kicked off with the recent Twitter rebrand, legacy brands, the value of brand equity, and corporate d**k-swinging! This one is NOT for the faint hearted 😄

10:00 – We then heard from Jennifer, who asked how to form real connections on social media, and position your brand in a way that is effective AND authentic.

21:16 – Joanne had a fabulous question on how to innovatively scale a service business while operating a lean running model.

34:00 – Lastly, Lydia had a question around opt in’s (specifically quizzes), and how effective this is.

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