Do you (really) need a brand strategy?

Do you really need a brand strategy? Can’t we just get straight into the lovely creative stuff? Well, let’s see. Can you answer these questions in ten minutes or less?
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How did you get on?

Was it quick and effortless – or did it give you a bit of a headache?

If you have a team, how would they answer?

The truth is, if you struggled to answer these questions, you’re not alone. A 2019 study* showed that a staggering 21% of brands don’t have a documented brand strategy.

This means a lack of cohesive vision, which leads to chaotic, ineffective marketing, plagued by inconsistent messaging, lack of differentiation and wasted time and money.

That is nobody’s idea of a good time!

*Bynder, state of branding 2019

Your brand is a promise

Your brand is a promise to your customers, your stakeholders and the world. But it can’t just be a promise: it has to be a promise delivered.

And every single business decision brings an opportunity to make or break that promise: your visual identity, your language, the services you offer, your people, your partnerships, your content: every opportunity you accept or decline: the list is endless.

We know that customers choose brands that keep their promises – and walk away from ones that don’t – so how do you ensure your brand stays the course?

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Brand strategy helps you keep your promises

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A brand strategy helps you get clear on what you stand for, what you do, why you do it and what makes you different. 

It gets you and your people crystal clear on the things that matter: it allows you to keep your brand promise, providing a steadfast compass as your business grows.

This is why a brand strategy is usually the first thing we do for new clients. It’s about setting a course, uniting a team and knowing where you want to be in the future.

Benefits of a brand strategy

Brand strategy - the process

Our brand-building process is strongly outcomes-focused and uses our proprietary strategic framework which has been finely honed over the years. Every workshop includes:

Whether you’re launching, pivoting, lining up for a period of growth, or simply want to reconnect with your ‘why’, this is a purpose-driven strategic journey that will help you gain clarity, bring your people closer, future-proof your brand and stand out from the crowd. 

Great for business owners, teams and organisations alike.

Emily Hilder brand strategist

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