Ask Em Anything – August 2023

The Ask-Em-Anything open door session in August was a beauty! We covered ALL-THE-THINGS! From Elon Musk’s rebrand of Twitter, to positioning yourself on social media, ...
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Ahoy Captain! 5 steps to turn your crew into shining brand ambassadors.

Running a small-to-medium business can feel like sailing a ship. The leader holds the wheel and steers the course, but the crew’s effort and skills ...
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Too many captains: How to navigate brand risk as your business grows 

Do you remember when you started your business? I bet it was just you, maybe a mate, a vision, an idea, a whole lot of ...
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People, profit and pleasure: the case for unearthing your business’s purpose

Whether you’re an owner-operated small business, or a global mega-brand, your Purpose is the ‘why’ behind what you do – beyond just making a profit. ...
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Articulation paralysis! When even the boss can’t describe what your organisation REALLY does.

Many of the fantastic organisations we work with are service-based businesses: engineers, lawyers, consultants and coaches, to name a few. And something we notice time ...
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Ask Em Anything – April 2023

In our first Ask-Em-Anything open door session, we covered a range of brand and marketing questions from a diverse group of industries. 03:31 – How ...
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Vision, Mission And Values: so much more than marketing mega-babble!

Anyone who knows us, knows that we HATE marketing jargon. (In fact you’ll rarely hear the word ‘marketing’ around here!) However there are three words ...
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8-point checklist: is your brand walking the walk?

Brands have come a long way from the flash campaigns and  mammoth media budgets of the eighties and nineties. Today, the value of your brand ...
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Competing on price? You might not need to.

So many businesses I talk to these days ask the same question: “How can I continue to charge a premium for my products?” How do ...
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Heart, clarity and focus

How to write a dazzling pitch for your business I recently ran a workshop for thirty business owners, helping them to identify their burning pitch, brand and ...
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