Fresh, purpose-driven strategic workshops for organisations and teams

Designed to bring clarity, alignment and a truck-load of fresh ideas, these creative and strategic workshops are one of our favourite things to do with clients.

Our tried-and-tested collaborative process combines a strong strategic framework with a playful touch, so you can dial up the creativity and innovation, while ensuring that you get actionable outcomes which will move the business forward.

Whether you’re a business owner or a team within a larger organisation, these workshops bring immense clarity and can transform the trajectory of your business.

Emily Hilder Adelaide

Every workshop includes:

Service design workshop

Are you creating something new? Got an idea that’s a bit left of centre? Or a concept that you know is going to add real value to your customers’ lives, but you can’t quite nail down the detail?

This strategic process will help you tighten up your offering, work out how all the parts fit together, and turn your concept into a brilliantly marketable, beautifully packaged service.

We’ll make it easy for your audience to buy from you, while turning your secret superpower into a ‘thing’ that your dream customer will be knocking down your door for.

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Innovation workshop

Innovation workshops Adelaide Human Brands

Are you or your team caught up in busyness? Going through the motions? Stuck in If-it-ain’t-broke-don’t-fix-it-ville? 

Our innovation workshops provide a purposeful opportunity to step off the hamster wheel of ‘doing’ and carve out dedicated time to look at your business with an outside eye. 

This dynamic, future-focused process is centred on opportunities and innovation. It will give you time and space to pivot or create new processes and services that will drive business growth. 

Ready to create something new?