Anyone who knows us, knows that we HATE marketing jargon. (In fact you’ll rarely hear the word ‘marketing’ around here!)

However there are three words that we value, cherish and use almost as much as our favourite hoodies.




They sound like corporate bull, but, done right, they’re actually three of the most powerful strategic tools available, and you will find them at the heart of every truly successful business.

What is the difference between vision, mission and values?

Your vision, mission and values are the magical intersection that connects your business, your clients, and your highest self, in the most gloriously synchronistic and powerful way. 

And you know what? 

Even if you haven’t consciously sat down to map out these elements of your brand, you will find they’re all there, at the core of who you are, what you do, and why your business exists.

Finding your vision, mission and values – and owning them – can be a game-changer for you and your business.

I’ve seen first-hand the transformation this brings to our clients – and I would love for you to access it too. 

Below I’ve mapped out what your vision, mission and values really are, and what they can do for you and your biz. 

How do you find your vision, mission and values?


Your Vision paints a picture of what you want to achieve – I’m talking big picture here, not to be confused with short-term goals. It is the reason your business exists – the reason why you choose to do this work.

A Vision needs to be broad enough to remain relevant as your business evolves. It also needs to provide inspiration for you, your team and your clients. 

Through all the seasons and spirals of running a business, your Vision remains your touchstone, the dream and the purpose at the heart of everything you do. 

It’s the WHY of what you do. A powerful vision reaches beyond you and your company, and reflects your desired impact on a community, national, and global level. Powerful stuff! 


Your Mission is the HOW of what you do. It captures what you will do to achieve your Vision.

Your Mission is the bread and butter of your business, the nuts and bolts – what you do on a day-to-day level to drive impact, change lives and work toward fulfillment of your Vision.

Keep your Mission short and concise – no more than 12 words, and six is ideal! Nailing your colours to the mast this way can be hard, but it will repay you thousandfold if you get it right.


Values are the ethos that your brand and its people – yourself included – will become known for. 

Your values are the things that you cherish, believe and stand for. 

For many of us business owners, there’s a link between your personal values and the values of your business – that’s OK.

“We believe” statements can be a great way to tap into your values in a meaningful way. 

Why do I need a vision, mission and values?

Your vision, mission and values are SO much more than a brand and marketing tool (although they are a bloody powerful one!)

Getting your vision, mission and values nailed will:

  • Provide an unassailable “inner compass” which clarifies priorities and drives decision making. 
  • Attract the very best people to your team
  • Unite your team better than all the team-building offsites in the world
  • Give you a rock-solid brand
  • Build deep culture within your organisation
  • Give you the platform to stand head and shoulders above similar businesses
  • Attract the right clients, and build customer loyalty
  • Align your inner and outer self in a way that makes you virtually unstoppable.

Drop us a line ( for a no-strings attached chat about your vision, mission and values and how we can help you identify them and bring them to life. We can even bring your team along for the ride!

Find out more about building your vision, mission and values on our Brand Strategy page.