For today’s consumers just buying something isn’t enough any more. They want to buy into something, too.

Which is why – if you want to be a brand that people really connect with – it’s so important for organisations to understand, and be able to clearly articulate, what they stand for.

So how do you create an authentic brand that your customers will love?

Be great at what you’re good at.

What we’re talking about here is simply discovering (or rediscovering) why your organisation exists. Not the story of when it was founded and by whom, but what difference it is trying to make in the world.

Finding this sort of clarity of purpose is the first step in delivering the meaningful, consistent brand experiences your customers are looking for. This is your true brand story: not the dry facts and figures around how your business operates, but the way in which your product or service makes a difference to the world.

Think your brand is too small to have a purpose? Think again. When Ben and Jerry’s first set up shop in a disused servo in 1978, they knew that their mission would be to “Make the best possible ice cream, in the best possible way.” Over the last 35 years this vision has propelled them to multi-million dollar success: imagine what it could do for you, too.

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