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for PURPOSE-DRIVEN business

Today’s great brands are defined by purpose, integrity and authenticity.

We're here to help you become one of those brands.

Smart growth strategies for intentional people


At Human Brands we help purpose-driven businesses become leaders in their field.

Whether you’re launching something new, or breathing new life into an established business, we help you to:

Ditch the hustle

Our clients are living proof it’s possible to combine purpose, profit, and freedom.

It’s possible to be gloriously busy doing the work you love – and only the work you love – smack bang in the middle of your zone of genius.

It’s possible to become the indisputable thought-leader in your field.

It’s possible to build an abundant business without hustling or using dodgy sales techniques.

It’s possible to do business on your own terms – working in locations that feed your soul and on a schedule that works for you and your family.

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Purpose driven = profit driven

It’s a fact that businesses which lead with purpose are more profitable than businesses that don’t.

A 2020 global study* showed that 94% of consumers were four to six times more likely to purchase from purpose-driven companies.

*2020 Zeno Strength of Purpose Study

Passion and purpose have power

The secret to becoming the go-to brand in your field is finding and claiming the magical intersection where purpose, skill, and passion combine.

We help you to create a thriving purpose-driven business by embracing the things that make you and your team unique – your values, your vision, and your way of doing things differently.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s really not, and that’s the magic of it.

When you’re crystal clear on what you stand for and laser-focused on work that sets your heart on fire, you create a level of clarity and momentum that sees you leaving the hustle far behind.

A strategic support squad for SMEs

Imagine having a strategic partner that could cut through the clutter to unite your team and provide a clear plan for the future. 

We are honoured to provide strategic support to a number of purpose-driven organisations, including People’s Choice, Flinders University, SAGE, City of Onkaparinga and Adelaide Lightning.

We support these organisations with strategic mentoring, team workshops and discrete strategy projects.

It brings us (SO much!) joy to see these world-changing organisations attract the best people, inspire their teams and go from strength to strength.

Smart, practical mentoring for business owners

We’ve helped hundreds of humans discover their zone of genius, become thought-leaders in their field and do business—and life—on their terms.

By focusing strategically on the work that only they can do, getting clear on their message, and by creating smart, sustainable marketing strategies, we’ve helped these wonderful humans to:

Let us do the same for you.

Humans we love

(and have loved working with)

Our clients are purpose-driven humans with messages to share and movements to start.

They include universities, schools, engineers, consultants, coaches, lawyers, financial advisers, practitioners, destinations and experiences – with the occasional story-led food or drink brand when we just can’t resist. 

They range in size from owner-operated microbusinesses to national brands.

SMEs and community organisations

Small business

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