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Consumers are more connected, more empowered than ever before. They demand real, authentic experiences that live up to a brand’s promise.

Today’s great brands are defined not by costly advertising campaigns, but by how people experience them: at every moment of every interaction, every day.

Human Brands is a branding and marketing agency in Adelaide. We’re here to help you become one of those brands.

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Branding and marketing for Adelaide and McLaren Vale

Human Brands is an Adelaide brand and marketing agency, offering brand, strategy, content marketing, digital and customer experience.

We work with organisations in Adelaide, Tonsley and McLaren Vale, as well as assisting clients and agencies with special projects interstate.

We only work with organisations that are committed to building long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Our clients typically have a background of customer-centricity (or are ready to build one) and a real willingness to engage with their customers. They are open and real, and they understand that honest communications win you the deepest customer loyalty. They are ready to embrace insights and digital as a way to connect in a more human, sustainable way.


“In the first year, new clients had increased by 150%.”

Andrew MilesOwner, The Chiropractic Clinic

“We have seen positive results WITHIN DAYS of implementing these absolute gems of ideas.”

Jason TurnerOwner, JT’s embroideries

“Emily is magical to work with.”

Heather Albrecht Partner, Collective Mind

“A brilliant problem solver, always putting a unique lens on the challenge at hand.”

Renee KrausHead of Strategy & Propositions, Bupa Care Australia

“I am so excited. I am now on track for the next 10 years with a clear vision and achievable goals along the way.”

Rachel McMillanOwner, Scoop SA

“Emily was so amazing at helping me get to the heart of what my business is all about.”

Meredith WoolseyOwner, Move To Live Exercise Physiology

“I would highly recommend Emily and the Human Brands team for anyone with a business vision.”

Miriam HenkeDirector, Lifespan Dynamics

“Emily created a tailored plan that combined brand, digital, content marketing, customer experience and strategy.”

Natasha KearslakeManaging Director, SouthVac Hydro Excavation

“Excellent advice on how to pull our brand together.”

Sivam KrishSensibility Ltd


        A 360-degree branding experience

We are an Adelaide branding and marketing agency: committed to helping organisations build inspiring brand stories and deliver real, authentic communications and experiences: on and offline.

We don’t just do this by looking at social in isolation, or brand, or content, or digital: we look at all of these elements together. Because only by looking at the whole picture can you deliver the kind of deep, human experience your customers are looking for.

        Strategy meets creativity

We believe that great branding takes a combination of insight and creativity. So think before we act, embracing data and analytics to inform and guide our creativity.

        The very best team, without the overheads

We proudly work with a hand-picked team of some of the best graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers and digital strategists in Australia. What this means for you: no massive agency overheads, and a team which is carefully selected and custom-built for your specific needs.

        A partnership that makes a difference

We believe the best brands are built with everyone on board. So we work in close partnership with our clients, going to great lengths to understand your world, share our knowledge and bring your team along for the ride.

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Emily Hilder Human Brands Adelaide

Emily Hilder

Principal, Human Brands

Emily has held senior strategic, brand and marketing roles with clients such as Telstra, Optus and Kids Helpline, and with agencies such as McCann Erickson and George Patts. She is also a qualified coach and neurolinguistic practitioner.

From a family of writers, artists and huckleberry-finn engineers, Emily was raised with the idea that anything is possible, and everything is worth doing with passion and focus.

Emily works with a hand-picked team of some of the best graphic designers, copywriters, social media managers and digital strategists in South Australia. Which means she can give her clients the very best people for the job, without the massive overheads of traditional agencies.

She loves hearing people’s stories, growing veggies and falling off her kayak. She has a very loud laugh.

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