Think about the brands you love the best. What kind of relationships do they have with their customers? 

I’d be prepared to bet my favourite bottle of wine (this is McLaren Vale after all!) that they share at least some of the following characteristics:

  • They listen as well – or better – than they talk
  • They have a clear picture of who their customers are, and what matters to them
  • They ‘fess up and apologise when they’ve made a mistake
  • They communicate with you in your language, and in the places where you like to spend your time
  • Their brand experience lives up to their brand promise: regardless of whether you’re on their premises, on social media or talking to their customer service people.

If the list sounds familiar, it’s because these are precisely the sort of characteristics we look for in the people we love, too. You know: someone who listens, who gets where you’re coming from, who likes to hang out at that grubby retro coffee shop just as much as you do. Someone who you enjoy communicating with – face to face, on the phone, via social media – whether it’s a shared furtive grin, or a heartfelt moan about your new neighbour’s dog.

So this is what we’re here to do: to help brands connect with their customers: more deeply, more authentically, and in a more human way. In the next blogs we’ll share tools, insights and advice to help you do this, as well as some inspiring examples of brands that are leading the way.

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